Work Experience

Revolution Messaging (2012 - December 2018)

Director of Custom Web Development

Chief advocate for custom web team and services. Developed workflows, integrations, and codebases for Wordpress and JAMStack products. Managed a group of nine designers, developers and project managers who published over 170 websites over two years. Oversaw production, met with clients, assisted the team with website development.

Lead Front-End Developer

Designed and developed websites of all sizes. Built tools and production pipelines for developers allowing us to design build and deploy BernieSanders.com over a long weekend. Established coding standards for the dev team, reviewed and approved code for production websites.

Web Designer & Front-End Developer

Hired as the second Designer/third Developer in 2012. Designed and developed rapid response websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Pushed the company to offer web design and development as a service independent from strategy, which led to winning a Reed Award in 2014 for Teamster.org, the first responsive union website.

Freelance Designer and Developer

Revolution Messaging (2011-2012)

Contracted with Revolution Messaging to convert existing apps into responsive web apps and helped the technology team move into Responsive Web Design.

Syync (2011)

Contracted with Syync for several months on various tasks related to their client websites and offerings, including designing and building template solutions to expand the companies offerings, and created, updated, maintained client websites built with Expression Engine.

Co-Founder, Designer and Developer

Good Productions (2006-2011)

Designed logos, websites, collateral and developed websites using Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and various commercial CMS and e-commerce platforms for clients in Central Pennsylvania and Philadelphia.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Wordpress, Contentful, Sketch, Adobe CS


Revere Splash: Rapid-response Static Sites

Customizable rapid-response landing pages from content to production in fifteen minutes.

Conceived and architected a platform for creating rapid-response landing pages in minutes. Revere Splash relies on continuous integration, the JAMStack, and headless CMS. Users create splash pages through an Angular2 app, customize the appearance with an inline editor built with Vue, and each landing page deploys from Github to Netlify as a static site.

Custom Wordpress Workflow and Boilerplate Theme

Tools and workflows that transitioned siloed staff into an integrated, high-functioning team

With each success and traffic spike As Lead Front-End Developer I broke down silos and moved the team to collaborate on design and development in real-time throughout production. I added structure and tools to our Wordpress workflow, standardized design deliverables, Q/A processes and coding standards. Technologies include Wordpress, SCSS, gulp, Vagrant, Docker/Lando.

Personal Website

An exercise in mindful, deliberate code production

The homepage of this website has been built four times in 2016, 2017, 2018, and taking the time to re-build for sustainable management in 2019 using my own 11ty starter repo. I have taken the opportunity to evaluate different tools and techniques each time, compare absolute positioning against flexbox against CSS grid, experiment with the ever-changing world of static site generators, design with media queries based on viewport ratio rather than width. Development relies on clean, minimal markup that is deliberately coded with minimal use of ids and without classes, a discipline that is untenable when incorporating complex design patterns and multiple team members.

Early Days

Previous Work Experience